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We design portfolios to meet the investor’s goals at every stage of life.

Our range of portfolios allow client investments to shift into the model portfolio that is most appropriate for their current situation. The portfolios are created in a flexible, Open Architecture style to meet the investors’ needs as they evolve over time.

Open Architecture means that there are no limits on which securities we utilize for investments. We have the ability to invest in any asset class, sector, or industry, without geographic restrictions. This allows us to proactively participate in opportunities around the world.


We are not a mutual fund wrap account manager. Our team selects individual securities based upon rigorous research. IAP offers a wide range of portfolios to meet the needs of the individual investor based upon his or her objectives and risk tolerance. The portfolio range is all-inclusive from Ultra-Conservative Models for investors seeking income and capital appreciation with a low tolerance for volatility, to our Aggressive Model, which is suitable for investors seeking long-term growth and are comfortable with sector rotation and market volatility.


  • Open architecture for dynamic, risk-based asset allocation that is not wedded to any asset class or security

  • Investing in liquid securities

  • Intense investment research and rigorous decision process

  • Investment transparency

  • Strategically timing individual security entry and exit

  • Use of options (covered calls and puts)

  • Avoiding speculative instruments

  • Never 100% invested and never 100% out of the market

  • Cash is invested gradually and wisely based on security valuations

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