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Investors’ Advantage Portfolios (IAP) was established in 1997 by Fraj Lazreg.

IAP was born out of the idea that individual investors should have access to a full range of investment opportunities through a single financial relationship. Fraj’s goal was to create a program that took into account all aspects of investing, including preservation of capital, tax management, risk mitigation and a firm understanding of the client’s financial goals. He set out to create an organization that would increase investment transparency, reduce volatility, and minimize costs. His strategy focuses on investments, not market timing.

Fraj embraced the name Investors’ Advantage Portfolios because he felt that it embodied the philosophy of putting investors first and providing them with a competitive advantage. He was passionate about providing investors with access to the type of professional money-management services that were usually reserved for high net worth individuals working with hedge funds and private equity managers.

Fraj’s first step was to build a professional team to support his mission. He personally selected each member of the team. Together they average twenty-eight years of experience in the financial services industry. Each member of our current team comes from a highly diverse background with many specialized fields of study, experience, and knowledge including economics, financial instruments, and analytic capabilities. IAP provides Money Concepts Financial Advisors additional support through their operations and marketing team.

The organization is made up of individuals who serve on one or more of the following roles:












The process begins with a comprehensive dialogue with the client’s Money Concepts Financial Advisor. We then conduct a thorough portfolio analysis. This analysis includes an extensive review of the client’s existing holdings in order to build an understanding of their objectives and investment goals within their time horizon. Consideration is given to cash flow, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and tax situation. We often work collectively with the Money Concepts Financial Advisor, the client, and the client’s tax counselor before formulating a strategy. If requested by the individual client, we incorporate moral and religious convictions into the investment decision-making process. The ESG (Environmental, Social and Goveranance) Select Portfolio is dedicated to sustainable investments.

Successful investing is achieved by following through with a strategic plan that includes frequent evaluation of the securities that make up our portfolios. We believe that without continual monitoring and rebalancing, a portfolio may become more volatile and carry increased risk over time. Unbiased and carefully crafted advice can help investors reduce portfolio risk.

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