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Disciplined Investing

Investors' Advantage Portfolios (IAP) provides you with a comprehensive, sophisticated, unbiased assessment of your clients’ or prospects’ existing portfolios, as well as recommendations that best suit their objectives based on their risk profile. This extensive analysis will help enable you to compete and grow your business in the high net worth market, which for decades has traditionally been the domain of the wire houses.

How Are We Different?

What differentiates IAP from other programs is our strategy for investing a client’s money. Unlike other managers, we deploy the investor’s cash in a gradual and deliberate manner. When we receive a client’s deposit, the first consideration is whether it is the right time to invest in the current portfolio holdings. We will not invest a client in securities that have appreciated and/or approached disposition time. Rather, we will hold the money in cash to be invested into the new security selection for that portfolio. While we are not market timers, we know the importance of identifying the appropriate time to invest into or divest out of each security. 


Ongoing portfolio management includes continuous selection of investment securities. There are times when we do not immediately purchase a security that the team has identified as desirable. Instead, our ongoing monitoring affords investment into the security at the time the portfolio manager determines best. IAP Management considers each individual investor in making decisions.​


We also offer a Competition Unit and an Annuity Rescue Service.

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